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Are you searching for an ABCD chart for your kids to read if yes then you have come to a good and right website.

Here you will find different types of charts from which you can teach your child abcd in a fun way and teach them a few new words.

abcd chart

A For Apple

B For Ball

C For Cat

D For Dog

E For Egg

F Se Fish

G For Giraffe

H For Hen

I For Ice cream

J For Jeep

K For Kangaroo

L For Lion

M For Monkey

N For Nest

O For Owl

P For Peacock

Q For Queen

R For Rabbit

S For Spiderman

T For Tiger

U For Unicorn

V For Van

W For Wolf

X For Xerus

Y For Yak

Z Se Zebra

You can also download the English ABCD chart and teach it to your kids offline also. Hope you like our website charts.

Abcd chart (2)

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